This is the home of the 227th SAS Regimental Airsoft Team

This Southeastern Wisconsin team was created as a fictional element of the British Army (BA) Special Air Services (SAS). To our knowledge there is not a 227th Regiment or an Echo Squadron. Any similarities to any real squadron or elements of the Bristish Army is purely unintentional.

The historical content provided within this site was graciously provided by Maj C for whom we greatly appreciate his assistance and friendship. At his request that content, specifically that which highlights the Special Boat Service, is dedicated to the memory of a "marvellous fellow" Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Van Der Horst, CO of SBS at the time of his death in a NATO exercise in Norway.

We support the US and Coalition troops!

Show our troops you care, please support the Wounded Warrior Project, the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, the Fisher House and Help for Hero's as well as any other entity which supports our troops with donations/letters/etc.

If you haven't already seen the documentary, "Act Of Valor", you should. That way you can know of our valiant Special Operations Forces (U.S. Navy SEALs) and see what sacrifices they make keeping you and me safe - act of valor

Check out this Youtube video honoring the SAS and SBS - S.A.S and S.B.S - British Special Forces Tribute

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