Operation: Fire Base Juliet II - "The Prequel"

Proudly presented by Echo Squadron and Storm 6

Operation: Fire Base Juliet II is a Military Simulation (MILSIM) Vietnam-based airsoft event. This event will be held at Apocalypse Paintball Field near Madison, WI September 22nd, 2013. (Please note: NEW DATE)

ALL event proceeds, less field and event costs, will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project..."The greatest casualty is being forgotten".

OP FB Juliet - Rules

0800 - 0900 Registration and Chrono
0900 - 0915 Briefing
0915 - 0930 Event 1st Cycle Start
1200 - Lunch (Apoc "special zesty" spaghetti)
1300 - Second half Cycle start
1600-1630 - Event end and Raffle / Best Uniform Awards

This is a game! Call your hits...you will have regen and medic rules so getting back in the game will be fast and simple. No blind firing, you must have a clear line of sight down weapon to fire. Bang rule for engagement within 10 feet will be used.
Please, play honorably and safely and we all can have a good time.

16 and older
Players ages from 16-17 must have a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian and have previously attended and sucessfully completed a WAA AEC course.
All participants must fill out and sign waivers.
All other Apocalypse and WAA rules apply otherwise.

Eye wear: Must be worn at all times on field
Z87.1 rated googles for all players 18 and older
Z87.1 rated full face masks for all players 16-17.

US and Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) vs North Vietnamese Army (NVA) and Viet Cong (VC)

Each side will be made up of the following structure -
1 Command Unit:(Total 5 players)
1 Team Leader
1 Comms person *NOTE: Only player with radio
2 Security personnel
1 Medic
10 Person Squads: (Total 7 Squads with 10 players each)
1 Squad Leader
1 Comms person *NOTE: Only player with radio
1 Medic
1 Saw person * NOTE: If no saw avalaible then this position becomes another rifleman
6 Riflemen
This event will be limited to 75 players per side with a total count of 150

Uniforms: Preferably period accurate (not a requirement)
US / ARVN - OD, Woodland, Tiger Stripe or DPM BDUs
NVA / VC - NVA Tan or Tri-Color Desert and VC All Black BDUs
If you have an old US helmet, Jungle boonie, Dew rag, Pith helmet, Bamboo straw hat, Y-suspenders, etc. your wearing them would be great and improve your prize opportunity.

Weapons: Preferably period accurate (not a requirement)
AEGs - 400 fps w/ .20 BB
GBBs - same fps
SAWs - same fps and only TWO (2) box or nut-sack magazines per cycle (morning and after lunch)
Sniper - 400+ up to WAA max limit
Rockets/RPGs - for firing nerf type projectiles at buildings only (currently no vehicles are planned for this event but may change) Approved land mines and sonic booby traps will be allowed pending field owner review.
Grenades are also allowed, noise or BB propelled such as Thunder B, etc
All weapons (except nerf launchers) will be chronoed before event start using .20 BBs

Magazine and Ammo Restrictions:
1) A player can carry as many Standard or Mid-cap magazines as their vest can carry in mag pouches (NOT including drop pouch, back pack, etc) per session (morning and after lunch)
2) OR a player can carry ONE (1) Hicap per session (morning and after lunch).
3) Additionally a player can carry only THREE (3) pistol magazine sized (small) speed loaders to use for on field or at regen reloading per session (morning and after lunch).
4) Reloading of magazines allowed during lunch.
5) Players will be allowed side arms with a maximum of 3 magazines each.
6) Rubber knives/bayonets will be allowed - you may need one if you run out of ammo. You only need touch a player to affect a kill. Medic rules apply.
7) Additional ammo may be distributed granted resupply missions are successful (details to be explained at event briefing)

Radio Restrictions:
US / ARVN forces 1 player per ten man squad will be able to carry and use radios
NVA 1 player per ten man squad will be able to carry and use radios
VC players 1 player per ten man squad will be able to carry and use radios

Medic Rules:
Players on both sides will have field medic capabilities.
1 Field medic per ten man squad.
A player can ONLY be revived by a field medic twice before leaving to return to regen location.
Medic will have to hold onto the player for 2 minutes and then place a white arm band on player for player to be healed. Only two armbands and then 3rd kill regen.
Buddy drag - one player can drag another by holding on to the shot player and WALKING to safe location. Two players can hold onto a shot player and RUN to a safe location. If one person dragging player gets hit they both stop where shot. If one player in a two player drag gets hit the other can WALK only one at a time to safe position and can return for other one. If both players in a two-person drag get shot they all have to stop where shot.
Regen times - will be decided based on turn out and team counts.
Bleedout is 5 minutes. If you are hit/stabbed and not medicated by a medic within 5 minutes of kill you will have bled out and must regen. If hit/stabbed a player must lie down, not stand or kneel in place where shot/stabbed. This will minimize your exposure and being shot multiple times. If wounded and before bleed out an enemy (not on same team) can bang kill the player and the dead player must go to regen.

Event Elements

1) There will be mission objectives for each phase upon which the success or failure will determine whether a side will be able to acquire a resupply of ammo . Participants can share ammo if desired. Ammo cannot be taken from dead, wounded or captured players. We will bring zip lock baggies in which each player can fill with BBs of choice and write their name in permanent marker - if your side achieves their object during each phase each player can take one (1) zip lock baggie at the defined time and reload. You had better be efficient with your fire and conserve ammo during each phase as your team may not get a resupply.

2) Intel will be spread throughout the field and may be placed on selected players that if collected will be worth event points during both phases. You will want to keep your eyes peeled for objects/props that may contain intel point cards and search wounded or captured enemy players. To acquire intel from a player you can simply ask them if they have such...don't go searching through players pockets. The dead or captured player must give up their intel card if asked and they have one.

3) Additional objective/intel envelopes may be delivered throughout the event to the teams commanders. Based on event outcomes a teams base and regen points may change as a result. Additional information will be provided at the morning and lunch event briefings or will be contained in the mission statements given to commanders.

Remember, everyone bring and use your RED kill rags appropriately.

$25 each player EARLY BIRD registration and $35 after early registration and day of event - all proceeds beyond field and event costs will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Foundation.

Registration and payment methods/dates are listed on the registration page.

We have coordinated 2 sponsors (Falcon Kydex Tech and Tactical Toy Store) and working with others for an event end raffle (details to come).

Last Year's event raised $1000 for a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project!!!! Thank you to all those who attended and our sponsors!

Updates to Come...keep watching


SPONSORED BY Tactical Toy Srore, Waukesha

SPONSORED BY Falcon Kydex Tech