Operation: Fire Base Juliet

Proudly presented by Echo Squadron


OP FB Juliet - Objectives and Features

This MILSIM event will be "action packed" and full of challenging objectives and interesting game features. To highlight a few...

NEW ITEM: ALL VC players will be able to transition to/from non-combatant to combatant players - If you have a weapon and act aggressively towards US/ARVN players you are a COMBATANT. VC players will initially start as local villagers and transition to combatants as indicated in game plan.

Timed Game Plan envelopes (like that used in OP SOF -Thanks LZ) will be distributed to commanders at start of each event cycle. Commanders, please be sure to bring and wear a watch.

AC-47 "Puff the Magic Dragon" and AC-Cobra gun runs

At various points throughout the game, OCs will identify specific players as "hit" by a US gunship overflight accompanied by the sound of a minigun firing played through our bullhorn and two OCs holding up RED flags. Anyone, regardless of side, in the area of the strafing run designated by the OCs will be "hit". Medic rules will NOT apply to a strafing run as the player will have been riddled by numerous hits. Strafed players will return to their designated regen point for the allocated respawn time.
All OCs will be carrying RED flags so that no player will have an advantage as to when or where the strafing run will occur. The US commander will use a designated channel to request aircraft assistance.

Strafing Run Tactical Information:

I am not giving away any "secrets" with this - the enemy will have already figured this out from previous encounters with aircraft.

The AC-47s are located at an airbase several miles away to the south and will require approximately 30 minutes to arrive on station. Given they are in "high demand" at this time, regardless of fuel capacity, they will only be able to remain on station for approx 20 minutes. Additionally, the AC-47 will require approximately 5 minites to come about to begin another run. (Do the math - 4 runs every 5 minutes)

The AC-Cobras are loacted at a base much closer and will only require approximately 10 minutes to arrive on station. Also, regardless of their fuel capacity, they too are in "high demand" at this time and can only remain on station for approximately 10 minutes. However, their greater manuverabilty will allow them to come about in approximately 2 minutes. (Do the math - 5 runs every 2 minutes)

The US commander can ONLY call ONE (1) aircraft at a time (decison on which is up to the commander).
However, the US commander may recall an aircraft within approximately 10 minutes of their departure from the previous run. Their return is NOT guaranteed and if possible their return time and time on station will be much less than their initial run as they may not be far away and their fuel may be running low (OCs will determine this by the flip of a coin - i.e. chance).

"Potential" Objectives -

Re-supply interruption (may affect on field reloading)
Perimeter patrols
Eradication of enemy from surrounding village/s
Downed aircraft